BonAngels is early-stage venture capital located in Korea.

Korea is home to many strong local firms and global giants in not only manufacturing industries such as electronics, automobile, steel, and shipping, but also in newly emerging IT service industries such as online search, trading, gaming and mobile.

Korea’s unique characteristics – More than 20 million population in the Capital region, National character known for its passion for education, Fast embracement and popularization of latest IT infrastructure – create a fertile market environment rich with competitive talents, an environment optimal for fomentation and fast-growth of startups. Moreover, as Korean firms continue to push for global expansion, more individual talents will be imbued with global vision and experience in the process, and we expect this would lead to further expansion of startups reaching out globally.

Experienced Partners

BG, a BonAngels partner, is a serial entrepreneur who had co-founded Neowiz(KOSDAQ IPO in 2000), 첫눈(FirstSnow, acquired by NHN in 2006), and Bluehole Studio(Developer of globally servicing MMORPG, TERA). While taking a short break after the selling of 첫눈(FirstSnow) in 2006, BG was reached out by his colleagues and started an angel investment upon their request, then with two other partners, developed it into founding of BonAngels, a VC specialized in early-stage startups. BonAngels, not only carried out the basic role as an investor, but for the first time, BonAngels started directly carrying out various supporting roles on marketing, legal counsel, networking and etc., for companies on portfolio, which has now become a basic role expected from any early-stage VCs in Korea.

Meaning of ‘Bon’ of BonAngels

When BonAngels started off its first angel investment in 2007, and even up to 2010 when BonAngels began investing in earnest, there hardly was any VCs specialized in early-stage firms in Korea’s startup ecosystem.

BonAngels arguably was the first early-stage venture capital of significance. Even now, BonAngels is actively leading the investments on early-stage startups with the Pacemaker fund, a collective investments from many of previous generation entrepreneurs. ‘Bon’ means basis, fundamental, or root, and coincidentally the word ‘Bon’ in French also means ‘Good’. Since then, We’ve walked the paths to live up to the name and the meaning it carries, and we will continue to strive to fit the name “Bon”.